Thymosin ?1 Market

What is Thymosin ?1?
Thymosin ?1 is a protein in humans encoded by the PTMA gene, which is a peptide fragment derived from prothymosin alpha, exhibits a variety of immunoregulating properties. It is approved for the treatment of Hepatitis B and C, in 35 under-developed or developing countries.

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Global Thymosin ?1 Market Outlook
The rising burden and incidence of HAV and HBV are driving the growth of Thymosin ?1 market. In 2015, 257 million people were diagnosed with chronic HBV infection, and 71 million people with chronic HCV infection, this figure to reach a peak by 2030. Eastern Mediterranean Region and the European Region are reported with the highest prevalence of HCV.
Ongoing trials and research for new applications or treatments to propel the growth of the market. Clinical trials entail that thymosin ?1 can be useful in cystic fibrosis, peritonitis, acute cytomegalovirus infection, TB, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and lung infections in critically ill patients., septic shock and acute respiratory distress syndrome. It has been studied for probable use in treating cancer during chemotherapy. Thymosin ?1 has been given to subjects with lung, gastric, or breast cancer in China. It was given for evaluation during one of two cycles of chemotherapy and QOL, treatment with Thymosin ?1 provided a significant improvement in all measures of QOL as well as a lowered occurrence of infections during chemotherapy and increased immune parameters. Lack of awareness among the rural population about hepatitis and its treatment is hindering the growth of the market.

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Global Thymosin ?1 Market Competitive Landscape
The ìGlobal Thymosin ?1 Marketî study report will provide a valuable insight with an emphasis on global market including some of the major players such as Suzhou Tianma Pharma Group Tianji Bio-pharmaceutical, Hainan Zhonghe Pharmaceutical, SciClone Pharmaceuticals, Abbiotec, Shanghai Soho-Yiming Pharmaceuticals, Hybio Pharmaceutical and Hainan Shuangcheng Pharmaceuticals. Our market analysis also entails a section solely dedicated for such major players wherein our analysts provide an insight to the financial statements of all the major players, along with its product benchmarking and SWOT analysis.

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